Fountain Media

Fountain media is a leading media house in Kenya that looks at not only news but also gives you workable advise on health, agriculture and technology.

Our approach

Fountain Media is positioned in this season to become the voice of hope and life to the nations by offering wholesome entertainment. We are convinced that the world is tired of the gloom and doom stories that have characterized our media over the years and believe that its time we highlighted the many positive but often untold stories that make life worth living and most importantly inspire the human spirit to arise and do great things.

How we work

The key guidelines that the company takes when approaching the task of journalism is to bring to the forefront story angles that release hope and noble news that invigorates people.

Reviews of Products

Care for obese and handicapped.

We look at things wholesomely. We will for example be looking at the best wiping aid for obese people and review a list from hosiped. You see obese people have so many problems that need to be addressed and one of them is wiping their butts where they find it very difficult to do so.

But why is this so? Well, you will find that they either have short hands or that their bums are just too big for the hands to reach. We have also seen cases where the person is just too sick to bend their knees or even outstretch their hands that much. If you are healthy and can be able to wipe your ass after visit the toilet, you really need to thank God because there are others who are not able to do so.

Talking of obesity, I believe the best way to deal with the issue would be to curb your cravings. I have stumbled over lots of self improvement blogs talking about how to use accupressure to curb your cravings. Some of the strategies given in these blogs include

  1. Squeezing your earlobe for a few seconds when you get the craving to eat or take something sweet which you know that you shouldn’t
  2. Pinching your nose edge for 3 seconds so that you can stop thinking about that sweet food and get distracted by the pain.
  3. Taking water when you feel hungry or have an appetite for something.
  4. Taking nuts instead of taking sugary cakes and fatty chips.

Well, if you have ever tried these tips and they did not work, you need not worry because there must be other things that you could do and they would work, right? Well, that is what we deal with in our appetite suppressants pills which can work at any time of the day.

There are those that work during the daytime because they contain stimulants such as caffeine while others help you curb your cravings at night.

We will also be interested in looking at the best gnc appetite suppressants that you need to start taking today.