Adult Wet Wipes Vs Toilet Paper: Advantages and Disadvantages

The other day, we talked about the sammons preston tongs and said that they are good for people who are obese, might be handicapped or too short arms that they cannot reach their butts. Now, still on the topic of hygiene, today I want to talk about a very controversial debate on the place of adult wet wipes in the toilet. You see there has been some people saying that toilet paper is not the wisest piece of butt wiper that you should be using. And I agree with them because the toilet paper does not adequately do its job of wiping you really clean. It might also cause anal fissures and irritations on your butt so you need to be very careful when using it.

Dangers of using Toilet paper

Using too soft tissue paper could lead to tearing and your fingers will be all brown plus it is going to leave some shreds of the paper on your butt area. If you use to hard toilet paper, you will find that you are likely to hurt your skin and you really do not want bruises on your bum area, do you?

“Toilet paper can irritate your vulva and your vagina, especially if you have sensitive skin,” says board-certified ob-gyn Pari Ghodsi.

There is also the danger of causing urinary tract infections especially in females. This is how it goes: a woman wipes her butt with tissue paper. Maybe she does not know that she is supposed to do it from front to the back and so she does it from back to front like all men do. Shit debris find its way to her vaginal opening. The germs find their way into the urethra which is just a stone throw from the vaginal opening and that way, the woman has bacteria going way up to her urethra and this causes irritation, multiplication of the bacteria as well as vaginal discharge. Nobody wants this, right?

“With every wipe, small pieces of TP are discarded into your glorious flaps, often leading to irritation and possible infections.” says Zoe Levin founder of Bim Bam Boom.

What to do?

  • Always use high quality toilet paper.
  • Wipe from front to back and never the other way

Dangers of Wet Wipes

So some people will then advocate for wet wipes which are soft, tender, moist and leave you flesh and clean. However, there is also a danger in the wet wipes. Most are made with plastic fibers which will never disintegrate no matter how much you flush or the amount of water you try to flush. So you will be clogging your septic system and getting in the wrong side of the law which is not at all pleasant. Most wipes are also made with chemicals that will affect your skin. They will cause lots of irritations and itching and no one in their right mind wants to use a wiping aid that causes itching of their balls, or is there? So avoid alcohol based wipes as well as those scented ones.

What to do?

Only use fragrance and chemical free flushable wipes like the ones discussed on