Honeywell True Hepa HPA300 review

When you are allergic or have asthma, you want your house to be squeaky clean. Unfortunately, this is never the case with all of us. Not all of us are that lucky.

I have two kids who love cats and puppies with a passion. So anytime of the year, there will be a furry character that is living in the same house. And no matter how hard I try to avoid these pets, their dander is in the air. It is unavoidable. And my body reacts strongly whenever I inhale any of these pet dander materials.

At the same time, I am living with my old man. He is a grizzly ageing man who will not take instructions from anybody. He is a chain smoker and will  not hear it whenever I try to quit the habit. At the same time, he will not hear it when I request him to smoke in the backyard.

He does it in the house.

Such a stubborn old man.

But what do I do.

The only thing that I can now do is try to control the second hand smoke from being inhaled by other people in the house.

I also have to look at ways to do away with the bad cigarette odor.

That is not all the air pollution in my house.

There is also my wife who loves flowers.

And as such she has this tiny flower garden near my house.

And it gets bad during the flowering season when the pollen grains of the lilies is blown inside the house.

Now that I do not want to be a pain in their necks, I have to look for ways to adapt.

Anyway, I have looked for ways to solve my problems. And I cannot say that I have not used online help in this.

So I went searching for the best air purifier under $300 because, come on, I do not have all the money in the world.

So a friend asked that I try out the Honeywell true hepa filter hpa300 and I must say that I have not regretted ever since I bought it.

It is now 5 years and the thing still works perfectly.

My Honeywell true hepa hpa300 review

honeywell true hepa hpa300

The Honeywell hpa300 works for large rooms since it has a good CFM and able to clean about 465 square metres per every hour.

I found out that it is easy to use, though it lacks remote or bluetooth control which would really have been good for me.

But when you want to keep all air allegies at bay, then this the air purifier that you should be looking out for.

It has a LED dimmer which you can use at night when you do not want it to disturb your night sleep. This feature is only in this honeywell hpa 300 since other purifiers lack that.

It has a good CFM since it can clean upto 465 square metres per hour.

It comes with a carbon prefilter that will trap the large dust materials as well as odor in your home.

Then the true hepa filters that clean upto 0.3 microns of air particles.

What I love about the Honeywell hpa300

  • LED dimmer so that I can turn it off at night and not cause insomnia or disturbance of sleep
  • Noiseless unless you are using the turbo setting which can be noisy
  • Cleans the air off cigarette smoke, pollen, dust and pet dander.
  • Also clean out the bad odors since it has a carbon filter that ensures that my air is clean to inhale

What could do with some improvements for the Honeywell hpa300

  • Noise- It can get noisy especially when the air in your house is dusty and you have to use the turbo setting to clean the air in your room.
  • The Honeywell hpa300 has high energy consumption and you are assured of large power bills after install.
  • Maybe they should have washable filters. At the moment, they only have true hepa replaceable filters which you have to buy every 6 months. This is costly if you are on a low budget.If you make the mistake of washing the hepa filters, they get destroyed and will not be effective in cleaning your air by filtering upto 0.3 microns of materials.
  • The guys at Honeywell should put a prefilter to get rid of the large materials such as dander and dust.
  • I wish they had a ultra violet rays setting so as to clean out germs,