How to Pimp Your Car

Men and luxurious automobiles; they are simply inseparable. And that is why small boys have this crazy passion for drawing the best cars on their books while the teacher is busy teaching in class, spotting different models of cars and knowing their make and origin while the girls look distastefully at them and wonder what the hell these boys find in motor machines. And as we grow up, the craziness does not end. It only gets more and more pronounced. At a bar, men will talk for hours and hours on end on who owns the best car. And it becomes a ball measuring contest where the guy with the best car is the richest, the baddest and the one who should call the shots. Even at adulthood, women still are wondering why their men never become mature and leave this obsession they have about autos.

how to pimp your car

And so the talk of the best auto and the one which is pimped best never ends. That is why in this article, I explore some ingenious tips you can use to pimp up your car so that it looks glamorous and makes anyone who sees it or gets inside it believe that you have enough money to spend and throw away.

Themed Upholstery

Revamp your car interior by redoing your upholstery so that it has a unique theme. While going for the upholstery color and material, do not go for something that every Tom, Dick and Harry has chosen. No, be unique. The car interior theme gives you a personality. If it is dull, then I will think that you too are dull and not out-going. If lively, it shows that you are fun guy who likes eating life with a big spoon.

Music to the highest decibel

I am a music guy. And as such, I cannot emphasize enough how car speakers that emanate music volume to the highest decibel make your car look alluring. It is a mark of having it and not being afraid to show that you have it.

Car seat covers

In line with your car upholstery, get great car seat covers. The best car seat covers according to Motorcomfort are durable, water proof and at the same time they are breathable especially if you live in a place with hot weather. If the place is cold though, go for sheepskin which makes the car fluffy and warm. Personally, I have an obsession for pure leather car seat cushions that make the car interior look glamorous and awe-inspiring.

Tint those windows

Tinted windows always have an aura of enigma. The human mind is always curious. As such, when people see you behind tinted windows, they want to know who is inside. Tinted cars are also identified with diginitaries and VIPs. So, when I see you in one, then my assumption is that you must be a very important person. This therefore make people think that you roll out with class. You are a person of suave and finesse.