Noise cancelling headphones for kids with sensory overload

Kids with sensory overload such as those with autism and ADHD will find it hard to concentrate in noisy places such as dining halls, school playground, public transport vehicles as well as noisy streets. This is because there is audio sensory overload. For a normal kid, when a siren of the ambulance goes off, they are able to hear it and ignore it so that they can concentrate on what they were doing. Kids with autism will not be able to do this. So every noise they hear, they do process it and therefore are unable to focus on what they were doing.

They will therefore need some noise cancelling headphones because of their sensory overload. However I am against buying noise cancelling devices because it means that the child will not be able to hear vital noises such as their names being called out or a car honking them to get off the road. This could cause safety issues. I would rather get my child some noise reduction devices that will reduce the decibels by 20 to 26 decibels.

What to look out for when buying your noise cancelling headphones for sensory overload

  1. Noise reduction rating of between 20 to 26 decibels.

 If it is too much than 26 db, then you will find that it will muffle out all the noises which causes a safety issue. If it is less than 20db then you will get that the noise will be too much for the autistic child to concentrate or focus on what they were doing.

  • Soft padding on the head and on the ears

You need to get something that is comfortable for the kid. This can be achieved by getting some headband and earbuds that have soft cushiony padding that will ensure that the child is not hurt by the gadget.

  • Comfortable clamping

Most headphones are foldable for easy storage. When using them on your head, there is a clamping force that works to unfold and compress it to your ears. It needs not be too much as to cause the child harm.

  • Soft edges

All the edges need to be smooth and no rough edges as this could cause harm and bruises on your child.

  • Durability

The headphones need be durable enough so that you get true value for your money.