Toilet Wiping Aids

Obese people, pregnant women as well as those how just had a hip replacement surgery usually have a hard time wiping their bums after visiting the toilet for a number two. And this greatly affects their confidence and independence.

No one wants to stink. At the same time, no one wants to go walking around with skid marks on their underwear, do they?

But asking a caregiver to wipe your butt is not the easiest of things.

We all want privacy, don’t we?

So, what do you do when you have trouble wiping your bum?

I think I am the best person to answer this question through this article. Well, I am a caregiver at an adult home care center and I have seen seniors battle with this problem.

At first, no one wants to talk about it. But later, they just have to come clean and open up over the challenges that they are facing.

Since most do not want to have a caregiver around them all the time because they are a little bit independent and mobile, they want to solve the problem on their own.

I have therefore delved into lots of research in search of good solutions that will solve this challenge.

Well, there is are solutions that will get things in line. And it is this article that details gadgets that you could use when you can’t reach to wipe bottom, I will look into them in depth.

So let’s look at those solutions.

  • Use a bidet toilet seat

While Americans have shunned the concept of using a bidet toilet seat and opted to go for the more unhygienic method of using toilet paper to wipe, we have found that the bidet is a good way to ensure that you are clean and smelling fresh.

Asians were ingenious in coming up with the bidet. And we really need to give them a kudos for the awesome work that they have done with coming up with this technology.

Why, because it washes clean and ensures that you have a fresh smell everywhere that you go.

The bidet toilet seat can also be used by people who are having a tough time wiping their bum. If you cannot reach your perineum with your hand to wipe, then go the bidet way. It has easy to use controls that help you adjust position, water pressure and temperature that gets to wash your bum.

And once you are done washing, you can always dry yourself so well that you do not need to use toilet paper.

I always advise people who have just gone through a hip replacement surgery to buy a bidet for use at home.

  • Use toilet wiping aids

There are some wiping aids that give you a hand extension to wipe. They include the bottom buddy, Sammons Preston toilet tongs as well as the freedom wand according to hosiped. What these gadgets do is that they will grip your toilet paper and you can direct them to your bum to wipe. They are usually at least 11 inches in height which is enough extension for you to reach your butt.

Since they are way cheaper than bidet attachments, I have found that they are very popular especially among people who are obese and do not want to spend too much buying bidet seats.