Toileting Tongs that Obese People Need

toileting tongs

Obese people have butt wiping troubles

Now, if there is anything that irks you big time, it is being obese and unable to wipe your butt. Who really wants to go stinking after visiting the toilet? No one. When you are obese though, you will have to put up with this. If you do not want it, you will have to ask a caregiver, friend or family member to wipe your butt after visiting the toilet for a number 2. No one really wants to deal with this, is there?

It is both embarrassing and at the same time it deprives you off your privacy that you want to maintain. No obese person in their right mind wants another person be it their spouse to check out their butt and obese self. But unfortunately, you will have to live with this if you do not get a solution quick. Now, am not writing this post to laugh at you or to ridicule you for the situation that you have found yourself in. No, that is not the purpose of this blog and never will it be.

I will try to help you. Now there is a solution. And it all lies in toilet paper tongs. You have already heard of tongs, right? Those things that you use in the kitchen to pick hot charcoal with because you do not want to be scalded by the red hot embers. Tongs are also used in picking up foods such as sausages from the flying pan.

Well, today we speak of toileting tongs. What they do is that they hold tissue paper and you can direct it to your anus and wipe off the poop. You can also use the toilet tongs with flushable adult wipes such as the butt valet wipes.

There are various toileting tongs out there. One that I have found and would like to recommend to all my readers is the Sammons Preston toileting tongs that do a great job. They are metallic but with good rubber grips so that you do not hurt your finger while holding them in position.

What I love the Sammons Preston toilet tongs

They are long and a great extension that will reach out to your butt to wipe

You regain your privacy and confidence when you use them since no one needs to see your butt

Hold the toilet paper or wet wipes with a good grip.

What I do not like about these toileting tongs

There were complaints on amazon that they are not very durable

They break easily